Pain Points of Cross-Border Live Streaming

Easy to seal, high cost

Generally use shared IP and local IP in non-live broadcast area, After the account is blocked, the wallet freezes and the fans lose

Slow internet speed, easy to get stuck

After obtaining a certain amount of traffic, the viewer end freezes and is not smooth, and the viewing experience is extremely poor, which directly affects sales

limited flow, no flow

Some companies use shared IPs, which are easily judged as robot accounts, and are directly limited by the official flow, with no traffic at all.

Difficult to operate, illegal

Buying a VPS to build a line by yourself, the operation is difficult and the packet is lost high rate and illegal

Tiktok live broadcast dedicated line plan


Our advantage

Simple operation and maintenan-ce,flexible configuration,rapid deployment,dedicated dedicated line

NBD cross-border MPLS leased line has sufficient bandwidth and high-quality lines

Safe and reliable, exclusive origi-nal IP,Minimize the risk of current limitation and account blocking

Legal compliance, zero line risk, enterprise-level solutions

Three major processes, easy implementation of live broadcast solutions


Requirements for transmission of TikTok live broadcast and small video

Tiktok transfer requirements

live broadcast requirements

Tiktok transfer requirements

our suggestion

We do not recommend you to use a VPN node accelerator

  • Most of these tools are self-built overseas nodes, which have problems of illegality and compliance. Most of their export IPs are shared IPs, and there are many users.
  • The transmission delay of VPN is very unstable, generally fluctuating between 180 and 1000 milliseconds; its transmission quality is relatively poor, and the general packet loss rate fluctuates between 2% and 9%. However, our solution promises to control the delay at 50-80 milliseconds (UK and US), and control the packet loss rate at 0.5%-1%.
  • In addition, the use of VPN is complicated, and the IP itself is included in the “blacklist”. Accessing TikTok through such an IP is very easy to be detected and noticed by the system. Even if the account has no illegal operations, it is often blocked by mistake.

TikTok account to prevent association

  • Keep your IP exclusive, and don’t use multiple TikTok accounts under the same IP address to avoid being associated.