Company Profile

Shenzhen NBD Network Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2020, is a pro-fessional cloud service provider and cooperates with the world’s top cloud service providers. Team members have served Foxconn Group subsidiaries and have more than ten years of industry experience.

In the context of the rapid development of the cloud computing industry, NBD came into being.

For customers in various industries such as e-commerce, games, communica-tions, and financial institutions, NBD provides cloud computing basic services, MPLS dedicated lines, SD-WAN enterprise networking, CDN acceleration, high-defense CDN, office network security solutions, and Tiktok liveline cross-border network solutions and other services.

The professional technical team is online 7 x 24 hours, aiming to provide customers with one-stop network services. “Promise must be achieved” allows customers to focus on their own business development with peace of mind.


Advantages of NBD

Create 1+1>2

We continue to expand product services and improve technical support capabilities, aiming to create high-quality team serv-ices and create 1+1>2 value with professionalism.

7x24 hours professional service

The professional technical team provides 7x24 hours of after-sales operation and maintenan-ce services, round-the-clock monitoring, and quick response to solve problems.

The most suitable solution

For customers in various industries such as e-commerce, games, communications, and finance, our professional business personnel and top engineer team have rich industry experience to formulate the most cost-effective solutions for you.

One-stop service

Provide one-stop cloud system integration services integrating ‘’cloud, network, acceleration, defense, and security‘’ allowing customers to concentrate on business development.

Value-added telecommunications business license

NBD can operate business content covering: Internet data center business;

content distribution network business; domestic Internet virtual private network business; Internet access service business.