Pain points of traditional lines

Traditional solutions are expensive

The remote offices of enterprises use traditional private lines for network interconnection. The cost of lines is high, the deployment cycle is long, and it is difficult to expand bandwidth in the later stage.

Data cannot be encrypted and transmitted stably

Real-time transmission of internal data and business data in the corporate office, the transmission rate is slow and cannot be encrypted, and there is a risk of data leakage

Networking mode, nodes are too fixed

With the development of business, the communi-cation requirements of enterprises will become more and more complex, and network nodes need to be flexibly added or removed. Traditional network deployment is difficult and maintenance costs are high.

Solution advantage

Land a variety of application scenarios and enjoy customized solutions

NBD MPLS private line supports enterprises to deploy MPLS VPN global networking and IEPL point-to-point private line, and provides hardware video conferencing, SAP and other application solutions to support customized solutions for hybrid networking of enterprises, public clouds and IDCs

New Era Dedicated Line, High Quality, Low Latency

NBD MPLS dedicated line service has strict requirements on network availability, packet loss rate, delay, jitter, bandwidth utilization, bandwidth service, etc., to ensure that the intranet has sufficient bandwidth and encryption procedures, and guarantees the customer’s network connection throughout the process. Line high stability, low latency

Short line deployment cycle, easy operation and maintenance

NBD MPLS leased line is easy to deploy, and can be easily completed without a network foundation. The subsequent operation and maintenance costs are low, and the operation is intuitive and provides a visual interface

Flexible configuration of bandwidth nodes, controllable cost and high efficiency

NBD MPLS dedicated line can provide exclusive customized solutions according to different budgets of enterprises. The dedicated line bandwidth nodes can be flexibly configured, taken on demand, and cost controllable, which greatly improves the work efficiency of enterprises

7x24 hours technical support

NBD’s senior engineer technical team promises to provide 7×24 hours of service, respond quickly around the clock, solve customer problems immedia-tely, and quickly handle emergencies

MPLS Network Architecture Diagram

MPLS 组网架构图

Global Backbone

There are core cloud points such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong in China, and overseas cloud points are connected to the “Belt and Road” strategy, covering Asia-Pacific, the United States and Europe

MPLS 全球骨干网

Three major processes, easy implementation of private line solutions