Content Delivery Network


CDN (Content Delivery Network)

By distributing the source site content to the acceleration node close to the user, the user can obtain the desired content nearby, solve the Internet network congestion situation, and improve the response speed and success rate of user access.

CDN acceleration

Website page acceleration, whole site acceleration, dynamic acceleration, overseas user access acceleration; static file download distribution, upload acceleration; streaming media live broadcast distribution, on-demand distribution, low-latency live broadcast acceleration.

DDoS defense

Intelligent cleaning of various DDoS attacks (such as SYN Flood, U-DP Flood, CC, etc.), to ensure that user services can still run stably and safely when encountering large-scale DDoS attacks.

Improve website performance

All-round network acceleration and defense services, nodes distributed around the world enable fast access by domestic and foreign users, ensure the continuous availability of the website when it is attacked, and improve the performance of the website/APP in many ways.

Product Features

NBD CDN console provides users with a wealth of self-service configuration functions to achieve simple operations. Including domain name access, HTTPS certificate configuration, cache rule configuration, access policy control, etc., to meet the needs of users to quickly modify website configuration at any time.

2000+ global nodes, covering more than 70 countries and regions around the world, escorting various types of business, choosing the nearest node close to the user group, providing high-speed and stable business access experience, and helping customers expand domestic, overseas and global business.

Optimal traffic node scheduling, mutual backup of multiple resources, guaranteed speed, and guaranteed reliability. Through the intelligent scheduling system, real-time observation of line conditions ensures access hit rate.

NBD CDN has the function of accelerated defense. Using the global Anycast traffic cleaning technology, it can detect malicious attacks in 5 seconds, automatically switch to the defense mode, ensure the continuity of services for users, and realize the integration of accelerated defense.

The CDN acceleration site line is independent, emphasizing absolute isolation. Each customer has an exclusive dedicated line. When a customer is attacked, it will not affect the CDN lines used by other customers, which can ensure the stable and fast network access quality of each customer.

NBD has a senior technical team to provide 7×24 hours of technical service support to ensure service quality, cooperate in real time to assist in troubleshooting and maintain network continuity.

Solution Architecture

Build your own high-defense pool to protect all items at once

Through the CDN nodes distributed in China and overseas, the coverage of users in mainland China and overseas is realized.

When the traffic is within the normal business traffic range, multi-round trip CN2 lines are used to accelerate, and Chinese high-quality routing is used to improve the access speed of Chinese users and overseas users.

Different business domain names can be grouped in different high-speed sites, A, B, C, and D have independent site structures, and merchants do not affect each other.

When faced with DDoS and CC attacks, Nobita Multi-CDN intelligent dispatching system quickly identifies, starts the defense mode, and automatically switches to the traffic cleaning center distributed around the world.

After the attack traffic enters the cleaning center for cleaning, the clean traffic will speed up the return journey through the CN2 line to ensure the availability of the website.

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Free test, pay if you are satisfied

We provide Multi-CDN accelerated defense technology architecture consulting, solution customization, and free testing for customers in various industries, focusing on solving customer needs and cooperating with peace of mind.

7x24 hours technical service support

Nobida has a senior technical team to provide customers with 7×24 hours of technical after-sales support to ensure service quality and maintain network continuity.

ITAAS one-stop service

NBD vertically integrates the resources of multiple manufacturers to create [cloud, network, acceleration, protection, security] one-stop cloud services for cust-omers, so that every customer can enjoy a stable and fast high-performance network experience, no longer subject to high Delay or short-term troubles, concen-trate on expanding business at home and abroad.