One-stop cloud service supplier

NBD Network provides a one-stop cloud system integration service integrating "cloud, network, acceleration, defense, and security".
All-round and fast network services allow customers to devote themselves to their own business expansion and create unlimited business opportunities.

Our products and services

For customers in various industries such as e-commerce, games, communications, and financial institutions, Nobida provides cloud computing basic services, MPLS dedicated lines, SD-WAN enterprise networking, CDN acceleration, high-defense CDN, office network security solutions, and Tiktok live broadcast Network private line solutions and other services. With a professional technical team 7×24 hours online, it aims to provide customers with one-stop network services, and “commitment must be achieved” allows customers to focus on their own business development with peace of mind.

Cloud Services

NBD Private Cloud Server
Alibaba Cloud Proxy
Private cloud point construction
Hybrid cloud

Enterprise MPLS

TikTok Live Streaming Line
China-Hong Kong Special line
SD-WAN Enterprise Networking
Encrypted transmission line


Content Delivery Network
DDoS Attack
CC Attacks

High defense host

Hong Kong high defense host
Taiwan high defense host

Office Network Security

Intranet security access
Internet security protection
Internet Behavior Management
Terminal Detection Response

Other value-added services

Website operation and maintenance
Server hosting
Cabinet hosting
Equipment procurement

our solution

For customers in different industries, we provide corresponding matching solutions.

TikTok Live Streaming Line Solution

Tiktok live broadcast delivery is currently in the hottest period. In order to meet the needs of Tiktok anchor live delivery process, the network is fast and stable, and the account IP is stable without being restricted or even blocked. NBD Network launched the MPLS Private Line + SD-WAN solution to help you create More earnings.

Enterprise Office SD-WAN Interconnection Solution

NBD Network works closely with operators to build high-speed networks for enterprise branches, data centers, cloud platforms, etc. by deploying SD-WAN clients, combined with core technologies such as intelligent routing, business Safe and stable Internet access.

website acceleration and defense Solution

NBD Network Multi-CDN, through the integration of a number of high-quality CDN vendor resources and self-built resources, provides users with accelerated services for accessing massive static and dynamic resources nearby.

Office Network Security Solution

NBD Network cooperates with security service providers to provide office security network solutions for customers in various industries, to prevent enterprises from suffering from important data leakage or theft, threats of ransomware viruses, Trojan horse virus intrusions or other types of attacks, and to achieve real-time terminal monitoring, office Network security and stability.

Why Choose NBD Network?

One-stop service

NBD Network provides a one-stop cloud system integration service integrating “cloud, network, acceleration, defense, and security”, so that customers do not need to worry about network delays and other problems.

The most suitable

For customers in various industries such as e-commerce, games, live broadcasting, communications, and finance, our professional business personnel and top engineer team will formulate the most cost-effective solutions for you.

7x24 Technical Support

We have a professional technical team, provide 7×24 hours of professional pre-sales and after-sales technical support, and quickly respond to problems, allowing you to enjoy stable and fast network services.

Create more Value

We follow up the market development needs in real time, provide the most professional and matching network solutions, and create high-level team services. We are confident that we will work with customers to create 1+1>2 business value and achieve a win-win situation.

Gobal network nodes

NBD Network has nodes distributed all over the world, enough to cover more than 70 countries and regions around the world.