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Basic protection such as network security and server security; cloud monitoring and monitoring, real-time warning. The monitoring and alarm service of the server provides real-time monitoring, and the performance level is clear.



Provide multiple management methods such as console, remote terminal and API, giving you full management authority. Provides two methods of web console and API, which can easily open, close, restart, and upgrade the cloud server; provide real-time monitoring and reporting of CPU, memory, hard disk IO, and understand the operation of the cloud server at any time.



Nobida adopts three-tier storage innovation technology to automatically cache, store, and back up data to ensure the integrity and availability of user data, and the data security is as high as 99.999%.


Rich instance specifications, flexible expansion, five major nodes in Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hong Kong, and Guangdong, to meet the diverse needs of users. The cloud server provides a wealth of instance specifications (CPU, memory) and bandwidth, cloud disk options, and supports upgrades at any time to meet various business needs. 99.99% high availability provides guarantee for the stable operation of the business.

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